Friday, January 04, 2008



Amaryllis is a flowering plant native of South Africa, pretty, elegant and interesting. Amaryllis is one single species flower, also known as The Belladonna Lily or naked ladies, because of its tall stems and precious flowers, very alike lily.
Description Amaryllis is a bulbous plant with green leaves, arranged in two rows, and funnel-shaped flowers, with varied colors from white to intense red, even parti-colored flowers. As a peculiarity, Amaryllis flower stems are already growth when the leaves are just appearing. The plant generally flowers in minimum 7 weeks for being planted in pots indoors. Amaryllis care There are some particular steps for you to follow to take care about your Amaryllis plant. The bulb has to be planted in adequate pots, not too small, but not too big, which will assure a very good drainage. At the beginning, just before you planted the bulb, low water and keep it in dark places, at 10-12 degrees centigrade, all that to help the plant to get out from the resting period. When the stems reach over 10 cm tall, can get Amaryllis in full light and increase progressively the watering. After blooming, cut the floral stems and keep watering and fertilizing till the leaves are going pale. This is the moment when you have to stop the watering and conserve the pot bulbs till the vegetation period starts again.• According as the Amaryllis bulb is growing, you have to plant it in a bigger pot.• If the plant doesn’t give signs that it wants to rest, break the remained leaves and change the pot.• To force the Amaryllis blooming, increase the temperature level, but the flowers will resist more in low temperature (10-15 degrees). Amaryllis flowering For Amaryllis to bloom, keep in rest the plant in the summer-autumn period (August-September, October-November). It needs good drainage, moderate watering during growing period and dry, warm and luminous place during winter. After the flowering, cut the floral stems and leave the leaves to keep on growing. Put the pot flower in full light, indoors or outdoors, if the weather allows it. The soil has to be always moist, not wet.The plant will give you bigger flowers, if you allow it to bloom naturally, without forcing procedures.

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