Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rosenbach allium


USDA Zones: 4 - 10Light: sun - partial shadeHeight: 24 inchesFlower Colors: Pinkish rose, mauveSpecial Features: CutFlowersDeer ResistantEasy to GrowFlowersThe lovely member of the onion family produces a 5-inch ball - or umbel - of tiny, vivid purple flowers atop a bare 2-foot-tall stem.
Protruding stamens give the umbel a a soft outline. Rosenback's allium makes a striking accent in the garden or as a cut flower. (Note: The stems release a strong onion-like scent when first cut.) Like most members of the onion family, this blub-forming plant is undemanding. Notable Varieties : Allium jesdianum is a similar species sometimes sold as Rosenbach allium. It has 6-inch purple umbels on 18 to 24-inch stems.Care : Alliums require little attention once established. Planting : Plant bulbs in the fall about 4-inches deep in well-drained soil

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