Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Golden Marguerite


Bearing yellow or orange daisy-like flowers through the summer and into fall, golden marguerite is a cheerful perennial for the cut flower or border garden. These abundant blooms are held aloft on sturdy, long stems that reach up to 3 feet tall.
Golden marguerite's lacy, finely-cut foliage forms a bushy mound and emits a scent reminiscent of chrysanthemums. It's drought-tolerant but does not do well in hot, humid areas. Notable Varieties'Beauty of Grallach,' produces larger, deeper colored flowers.'E. C. Buxton' is unusual for the species with white flowers with yellow centers 'Kelwayi' has deep yellow flowers and very finely cut foliage.'Moonlight' has larger, soft yellow flowers. 'Pale Moon' bears even paler yellow, larger flowers. Care Golden marguerite should be planted in average to poor, very well-drained soil in full sun. If grown in rich soil, the plant will need to be staked; heavy, clay soil gives golden marguerite a shorter lifespan and it is likely to die out after two or three years. Golden marguerite is drought-tolerant so keep soil moist but do not overwater. Cut back spent flowers to promote rebloom. Cut entire plant back when blooming ends to prevent reseeding and to keep the plenty tidy. Planting : Plant established plants in spring in all zones or in fall in Zones 7 to 8. Space 12 inches apart. Propagate golden marguerite dividing in spring or fall

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