Monday, December 10, 2007

Aquarius Flower Oils


Flower oils bridge the gap between orally taken flower remedies, such as the Bach Flower Remedies, and essential oils. Whereas flower remedies are made by floating flowers in water in direct sunlight, flower oils use oil as the medium.
Flower oils are made by leaving the flowers of a plant in oil in direct sunlight (solarization) for a maximum of three hours, absorbing only the vibrational impulse of the flower in the oil. Generally, the vibrational impulses of flower oils are used to treat different conditions from essential oils, although flower oils can be added to the latter to maximize the benefits achievable through massage. As no chemicals are contained in the flower oils, they are very safe to use. Two oils are described, together with their specific uses: Margarita, whose impulse is universal expansion; and Persian Lilac, whose impulse is to serve, to help, to heal and to share our gifts with others. Three brief case studies are also presented illustrating the successful use of Mullein (for opening up new possibilities) in a case of manic depression; Euphorbia (to nourish and nurture), together with Bougainvillaea (to strengthen resolve) in treating stress; and Morning Glory (to concentrate), Bougainvillaea and Euphorbia for feelings of self-disgust and self-hatred. Simon France is co-creator of Aquarius Flower Remedies. He continues his work producing, marketing and teaching about flower remedies and the potential applications of flower oils.
by Simon France

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